Dad on Father’s Day 2017

What you taught me.

You instilled in me a love for stories, no matter the medium (books, movies, articles…). Not only to read/watch them, but to deconstruct and discuss them – finding the small details, the subplots and hidden gems, (as well as the mistakes, continuity problems) in any story.  For a long time the habit of dismantling stories was frustrating as I couldn’t enjoy watching or reading something without pulling it to pieces in my brain.  But then the critic in me found her rhythm of what to critique and what just to enjoy for the sake of the story.

You showed me that the world is not just our back yard, that there are people and places beyond our immediate neighborhood, city, even country.  That I should see a world without borders, where people are the same no matter their citizenship, color, creed.  That the world is actually a pretty small place.  So I traveled extensively and, together with Fuzz (, am raising our family to love and celebrate their diversity.

It took me many years to realize that I almost missed the biggest lesson you tried to teach me – for the longest time I would not write my own stories because I didn’t want to be critiqued against you, that I didn’t want to compete with your genius, but I almost missed the fact that you taught me to be my own person.  And being my own person means having my own voice, having my own stories, allowing my creativity to find its own place on this planet.

And now, in your Autumn years, with a beautiful young wife and (at last) my baby brother, you showed me that no matter your age, to never be afraid of starting new adventures.

And isn’t that what our stories are all about?

Thank you for teaching me to embrace the adventures of life.


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