…what will He find…


When He comes back, what will He find?

Will He find orphans – destitute, stuck in institutes in their thousands, with no community and no home?  Or will He find families where children conceived by adoption, not just by blood, belong and thrive?

Will He find strangers – at each other’s throats, prejudice wedging societies apart?  Or will He find neighbours who see beyond colour, race or sex, welcoming those on the outside into their fold?

Will He find the unlovable alone and unloved – drug addicts, mental patients, criminals?  Or will He find love that crosses boundaries and saves lives?

Will He find the poor hopeless and dying while churches spend millions on new church buildings and the latest sound and lighting gear?  Or will He find that compassion has ruled hearts and shared meals, income and possessions?

When will we recognize Him in the orphan, stranger, addict and poor.

When He comes back will He see Himself reflected in our eyes, hearts and lives?  Or will He see selfish beings who have forgotten His gifts of blood, acceptance, love and compassion?


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