Stormy opinions

This week in world news we have had some devastating, shocking, surprizing and wonderful news – depending on your outlook and opinion.

The USA politics have had a flood of positive and negative backlash following their new President elect, Donald Trump.  Some say it is the worst choice for America ever, others say he is the right man for the changes that need to happen.

The South African weather has seen floods in major cities. Rivers of muddy water sweeping vehicles from freeways and flashfloods dragging children from riverbanks. After some of the worst droughts the rain has been an answer to prayer for many, for others it has meant disaster and loss.

Some US citizens have ended friendships of decades because of who their friends elected in this presidential race.

Some South African citizens have berated each other for saying they are thankful for the rain when it has caused so much devastation.

I wonder why it is the norm to disavow anyone with an opinion that differs from yours.

From politics to weather, parenting to culture.

I love a good debate as much as the next person, and will share my thoughts on all subjects freely and passionately, but can we not agree to disagree at the end of the night and work together anyway.  Look for the good in change, be thankful for what brings life, lend a hand where it is needed.

At the end of the day opinions are not what brings people together, it is not what builds community and friendship. Strip away the opinion and see people for who they are, not the badge or opinion they hold.

Sometimes keeping your opinion to yourself and holding your tongue, as you extend grace and a hand of friendship to someone whose opinions and views seem contrary to yours, will be more helpful than having to always be right.

“Put yourself in his shoes.” Is an adage more people should adhere to in this self centred age. (Including me)



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