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Life lessons from a windpump!

Life lessons from a windpump!windpump2

1.  A windpump is a simple device, the design of which hasn’t changed much since before World War II.  These devices are used all over the world to pump water out of the earth (or oil in some instances).  With technology changing our planet and the way we do things so rapidly, to find something that is effective, efficient and does what it is designed to do without ‘upgrading’ every six months is astounding.  I believe we were created like that, the simpler we keep things in our lives, the less stress we have.  The less we try and ‘upgrade’ ourselves with better homes, toys, (dare I say it) body parts, the happier we can be.  When we accept that God created us perfectly, exactly as He designed, with no flaw (note I did not say ‘no sin’) we will stop comparing ourselves to others, we will stop fighting for the next best thing, we will stop striving to become what we think others want us to be.  Just being the best ME I can be.   

2.  The action of a windpump motor is described as “using a big wheel for leverage, like the steering wheel on a pirate ship”.  It is the mechanism by which wind power draws water from the earth.  You cannot place a windpump in the earth, cut off its blades and expect it to do what it is designed to do, separated from the source of it’s power.  It is designed to be the link between the wind and the water, using the power of the wind to bring life-giving water to its surroundings.  We can only be who we were created to be when we realize where the source of that power comes from and become connected to it.

3.  The wide blades of a windpump is designed for low start up wind speeds and a slow speed operation.  i) It doesn’t have to work at catching the wind, even the slightest breath of wind will create the momentum needed for efficiency.  ii) It’s efficiency lies in the slow speed operation.  When I look at windpumps working, the surroundings are usually serene. The quiet veld of an African Karoo farm or the wide vistas of an American cattle ranch.  The windpump doesn’t run around trying to catch the wind, it is in one place – just being – waiting to do what it’s designed to do.  There is a peace that comes over me when I watch a windpump at work, there is no striving, no stress, no ‘have to’/’got to’ pressure.  We need to remind ourselves that we are not created to always be ‘full steam ahead’, the stress levels and illnesses caused by stress in society today is evidence of that.  Slow down, breathe, you will get where you need to be, with much less stress.

4.  The reason for a windpump’s existence is making water accessible to the surroundings (people, animals, crops).  It is life-giving!  Do we give life?  Not in the ‘I am pregnant, let’s increase the population’ sense, but do people walk away from us thinking “Sheez, that was draining”, or do they leave our company being encouraged, having life and hope spoken into their lives?  The windpump reminds me to encourage, speak life and love, give hope, show mercy and grace to a world that is bombarded with the Not Enough’s – not thin enough, not rich enough, not clever enough, not fast enough, not big enough, not enough!

1. Be the best ME I can be – no comparisons.

2. Know and connect with the source of the power in my life – my Creator.

3. Slow down, breathe deep.

4.  Encourage, speak life and love, give hope, show mercy and grace.


One thought on “Life lessons from a windpump!

  1. Reblogged this on Paula Senekal and commented:

    Since writing this post it seems the humble windpump has become the lates ‘in thing’. I see it on clothes, tablecloths, bedding, by the side of the road and even received the cutest candle holder with a cutout windpump design. I am so glad as every time I see one it acts as a reminder of all these things, and I so need reminding in this crazy life.


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